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 Reduce Your TCO by 70% with SoftXpand!

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) represents how much it actually costs to own a PC. The TCO includes parameters such as the original cost of the computer and software, hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, support and training. Most estimates place the TCO at about 3 to 4 times the actual purchase cost of the PC. In a Multi workstations environment, these costs quickly add up to high expenses.

Would you like to dramatically reduce your TCO?

With SoftXpand multi-seat solution, your investment in a single PC provides for multiple additional, fully-functional workstations. Offering significantly lower costs per workstation, SoftXpand reduces your TCO by 70%!

How does SoftXpand translate into savings?

  • Save on initial hardware purchase cost: An entire SoftXpand system costs a fraction of a single stand-alone PC. Instead of multiple stand-alone workstations, you need to purchase only one SoftXpand host to support a high-performance multi-workstation system. In addition, any hardware installed on the PC (e.g. restoration card) is shared with the other workstations.
  • Cut down software licenses costs: install all your software on a single PC and make them available to multiple users.
  • Dramatically decrease maintenance overhead: Maintaining assets require a considerable investment in time and money. Every computer needs individual attention and resources to administer, upgrade, update, and repair, and a larger IT support team is required for every extra PC you maintain. With SoftXpand, you need to maintain only one computer for multiple workstations. Not only is it easier and quicker to initialize and deploy applications and upgrade your hardware, but you can also reduce downtime: if one workstation crashes, you don’t have to reboot the computer.
  • Increase operational efficiency: You need to install and configure only one machine. When you want to upgrade, you don’t need to buy mutiple new PCs; you only need to replace the host computer. You save money, time and expand IT staff capacity.

100,000 customers worldwide have already reduce their TCO with SoftXpand.

Can you afford to stay behind?

All above calculations are based on comparison between 6 stand-alone PCs and 6-workstation SoftXpand cluster.

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