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Add an Extra Workstation to Your Existing Windows PC



SoftXpand Home software adds an extra workstation to your existing PC.

SoftXpand Home is specially designed for the home environment and allows 2 users to work simultaneously, independently and seamlessly while relying on a single computer. That means each user can surf the web, play a computer game, or stream high resolution video, and enjoy all of the versatility and freedom of a stand-alone PC; but at a fraction of the cost.

SoftXpand Home supports Windows XP® Professional edition 32 bit.


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What is the difference in performance between a PC & a SoftXpand Home workstation?

Absolutely nothing! You will not notice that your SoftXpand Home workstation is not a standard computer!

Every application will work including: Internet & email, computer games, videos, Youtube, Skype, etc.

How do I add an extra workstation to my PC?

With SoftXpand Home, your new workstation will be created in minutes! Follow the below brief instructions on how to get your extra workstation:

1. SoftXpand Home supports Windows XP® Professional edition 32 bit only, therefore make sure that your PC runs Windows XP Professional.

2. There are several ways how to connect the extra monitor. First, you need to check how many video outputs your computer has.

  • Most today's computers  have two video outputs (DVI and/or VGA) to which you can easily connect your additional monitor to get an extra workstation.
  • If you have only one video output (single-head video card) you can either add another video card to your PC, or you can use USB device (USB monitor or docking station) to connect the extra monitor. You can use any USB monitor or docking station, find some examples below:

Examples of available  USB devices:

Toshiba Dynadock Kensington Docking Station
Universal USB Docking Station Samsung Lapfit Monitor


3. Connect the extra peripherals (keyboard, mouse).

4. Simply download SoftXpand Home and install the software into your existing computer.

For any further information regarding SoftXpand Home, see FAQ or contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

SoftXpand Home is the modern-day answer to your computer needs!

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