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SoftXpand Implementations




Classrooms, Labs, Libraries

 32-seat classrooms/computer-lab with just 4 computers! 


Engineering Houses , Architects

 Inventor, AutoCad, SolidWorks, Maya3D, Or Cad

Graphic Design

Point of Sale or Service


Designers, Studios

Photoshop, Premiere - 8 users sharing 1 PC - only with SoftXpand!


Retail Stores, Banks, Service Providers

Service Providers and Customers get separate displays with dedicated content, all from one computer.


Some quotes from our customers

 From a university in Devon (UK):

 “The (Multi-Seat) system arrived and was installed within  an hour. It  works wonderfully and we are very happy with  it! Thank you ever so  much! We would be very interested  in getting more next year through  the Student Union.”

 From Center for Vocational Building Technology  (Thailand):

 "The professors were impressed  with SoftXpand. It worked fine  even  with 3 workstations working Inventor. Congratulations on a  fine  product. Thanks again for the support and encouragement."

 From a highschool in Manchester (Media Room, UK):

 “He reported that trials with real students running Adobe  Premier Pro  and loading large video files up to 34 minutes  long have been carried  out on a high spec Intel i7 system.  In his words he was gobsmacked to  see that SoftXpand  performed brilliantly and other than network lag  there were  no performance issues and the conclusion was that it just  worked fantastically!!”


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