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MiniFrame partners with leading software and hardware vendors to provide integrated solutions to meet the specific needs of a certain industry or vertical market.

Hardware Partners:

LG Electronics

MiniFrame and LG Electronics (LG) have announced a strategic partnership to offer a joint solution for the Point of Sale (POS) market. The joint solution includes new LG network POS (Multi POS) monitors and MiniFrame's SoftXpand desktop virtualization software. >> Read more

LG Electronics, Inc. is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, employing more than 80,000 people working in over 115 operations around the world. With 2009 global sales of 55.5 trillion Korean won (USD 43.4 billion), LG comprises four business units – Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, and Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions. LG is one of the world’s leading producers of flat panel TVs, audio and video products, mobile handsets, air conditioners and washing machines. 


HDBaseT Alliance

HDBaseT AllianceMiniFrame joined forces with HDBaseT Alliance to enter the home entertainment market.

The HDBaseT Alliance was formed by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Valens Semiconductor to promote and commercialize HDBaseT™ technology. HDBaseT enables a single LAN cable to replace multiple cables and connectors in the home entertainment and business environment.


DisplayLinkDisplayLink has recently entered into a business alliance partnership with MiniFrame to offer a Plug & Play desktop virtualization solution.

DisplayLink Corp. is a chip and software company that enables easy, virtual graphics connectivity between computers and displays over standard interfaces like USB, Wireless USB and Ethernet. DisplayLink technology shows up in a wide range of products, from “universal” USB docking stations, to USB monitors, USB projectors, and more.

Hanshin Information Technology

Hanshin LogoHanshin, the world pioneer in “Wireless Multimedia Solutions”, is an expert at developing and manufacturing USB access devices (such as the UMP-720) fine-tuned for SoftXpand virtualization solution. Hanshin's access devices offer simple way for connecting additional SoftXpand workstations.


SpinaGiven Spina's years of expertise in implementing USB and DisplayLink solutions for use in the classroom, partnering with MiniFrame was the natural next step. The result was the creation of the Multas 1000 USB docking station which combines Miniframe's SoftXpand with a DisplayLink module, and separate audio circuitry. Workstations are simply added by supplying an off-the-shelf monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Spina Systems' primary business is the design and manufacturing of multimedia and networking products focused on the educational, government, corporate and industrial markets.


VeryPCMiniFrame and VeryPC join forces to offer the greenest IT solution. Read more ...

VeryPC builds the world's most high performance sustainable desktop computers and servers. Its GreenPCs, GreenHives & GreenServers are being used in homes, businesses, universities, schools and organisations across the UK and worldwide.


ValensMiniFrame cooperates with Valens to provide a high-definition multimedia solution for the home entertainment market.

Valens Semiconductor is a leading provider of semiconductor products for the distribution of uncompressed high-definition (HD) multimedia content over longer distances and with higher reliability at lowest infrastructure cost.

Software Partners:


NetopMiniFrame partners with Netop to offer customers the combined benefits of a desktop virtualization solution with optimum classroom management facilities.

Netop develops and sells software solutions that enable swift, secure and seamless transfer of video, screens, sounds and data between two or more computers over the Internet. The company has three business areas: Administration, Education and Communication.


NetSupportSoftXpand is fully compatible with NetSupport software.

Fully compatible with SoftXpand, NetSupport School is a class leading training software solution, providing teachers with the ability to instruct and visually monitor, as well as interact with their students, individually, as a pre-defined group or to the whole class.

Rising to the challenge and requirements of today's modern classroom, NetSupport School provides the ability to deliver lesson content, simultaneously monitor all student PCs and work collaboratively, ensuring that complete student attention and focus is maintained at all times. The core internet/application monitoring and classroom management tools are supported by a host of additional teaching tools, including the ability to create digital student journals and drive down print costs by managing and controlling printer access, share screen content, poll students for instant feedback, distribute a customised test or exam and mark it in real-time, send and collect work files and many more.

For details of how to install NetSupport School within a SoftXpand environment, please click here


ImperoSoftXpand is fully compatible with Impero Software.

Impero is the worldwide number one classroom and network management solution, merging several solutions into a single, easy to use interface. Incorporating: Classroom Management, Computer Usage Logging, Remote Control, Power Management, Hardware & Software Inventory, Printer Management, Software License Control and Internet/Computer Security, Impero is the most comprehensive and customizable solution available, allowing you to better manage your computer network.

CrossTec SchoolVue

SchoolVueMiniframe partners with CrossTec to offer education customers the combination of two of the most advanced technologies on the market - desktop virtualization paired with industry leading classroom management technology. Read more ...

CrossTec SchoolVue puts teachers, lab instructors, and corporate trainers center stage in networked classrooms.  This newest generation of classroom management software facilitates the seamless transition, from teaching to groups to interactive one-on-one instruction, and ensures that the teacher is in full control of classroom technology at all times.

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