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How to manage multiple audio devices with SoftXpand Duo?


When Setting up a Multi-Seat computer using SoftXpand Duo, you can assign a dedicated audio channel to each user:

- User 1, can use the on-board sound card.

- User 2, can use a dedicated USB audio adapter (see below). 

- Additional audio-devices can be applied as well: HDMI (in flat-screen TVs), or a dedicated headphone output in some desktop computers (requires Realtek ALC883 on-board sound-card).

USB Audio Adapter - can be used with SoftXpand


How to configure:

1. Start SoftXpand, click "Configure".

2. Select the speaker icons, right-click "Detect" to play a test tone through the specific device - see below:

Audio configuration in SoftXpand

3. Drag and drop the speaker icons to the proper workstation.

4. To apply configuration changes, close SoftXpand and log-off both workstations, then log-on again.



Troubleshooting audio problems:

If you have applied the steps described above and there is no sound, follow these steps:

1. Start SoftXpand, click "Disable", computer will reboot.

2. After reboot, go to Windows Device-Manager, right click the sound-card icons and "Disable", then "Enable".

3. Start SoftXpand, click "Enable", computer will reboot again.







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