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SoftXpand: Recognized as the Ultimate Green IT Solution

Computers, the heart of any business, consume much energy and generate e-waste. The need for a green computing solution is now more urgent than ever before.

MiniFrame taps into this arena with its flagship solution SoftXpand, a cutting-edge software-only solution that turns a single computer into a multi-user system. Winner of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 European Desktop Virtualisation Product Innovation Green Excellence Award, SoftXpand helps you reduce your energy consumption by 75%, cut down on C02 emissions by 80%, and reduce your e-waste by 80%.

IT's Getting Greener

Many countries world-wide have enacted environmental regulations that apply to IT products. Reducing IT energy costs has become the most significant factor for companies looking to implement green computing initiatives. Extending the lifecycle of hardware is also an important motivator.

SoftXpand's virtualization solution provides the answer for energy reduction, wasteful network-equipment elimination and an improved work environment.

How can you Save Money, Save Space and Save the Planet?

  • The manufacturing of multiple SoftXpand workstations requires a fraction of the energy needed for multiple standard PCs.
  • With SoftXpand, you dramatically reduce your consumption of electricity by 80%.
  • SoftXpand helps you to significantly decrease the amount of E-Waste generated. A massive amount of redundant hardware is being generated each year as systems are surpassed by new technology. SoftXpand produces an 80% reduction in the weight of E-Waste.
  • Your workstations produce less heat and as such, less air conditioning is required.
  • With minimum hardware to operate and maintain SoftXpand uses 80% less power than the alternatives and consequently produces 80% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Due to its lower hardware requirement, SoftXpand helps to dramatically reduce TCO by 70% compared with standalone PC's.

With SoftXpand's eco-friendly computing solution, you can do more than save money – you can also save the planet.

All above calculations are based on comparison between 6 stand-alone PCs and 6-workstation SoftXpand cluster.

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