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SoftXpand Xpress is a software desktop virtualization solution that turns any standard PC into up to eight independent workstations.

SoftXpand Xpress, as part of the SoftXpand Product Suite, is specially adapted to meet high-end computing needs at the Business and Multi Workstations environments. Each workstation operates totally independently and offers top performance and high flexibility. That means each user may run several heavy applications simultaneously, including, for example, a heavy graphic application, multi-media software, integrated learning systems and curriculum-oriented programs.

SoftXpand Xpress can be installed on Windows XP® Professional edition 32 bit (SP 2 or SP3) or on Windows Server® 2003 only!

See the Product Comparison chart to learn more about differences between SoftXpand Xpress and SoftXpand Home.

You can use any hardware configuration that meets the SoftXpand Xpress Hardware and Software  requirements. Each workstation only needs a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and a video card output port. You can either equip your PC with multiple video cards or you can use DisplayLink USB devices (USB monitor, docking station, or adapter) to connect the monitors. Please refer to the SoftXpand – Display Link quick installation guide for more information.
For any further information, please refer to SoftXpand Xpress User Manual.

Almost certainly, yes! As long as it meets the Hardware  and Software requirements. With SoftXpand Xpress, you can turn your existing PC into multiple workstations just by adding an extra video card or you can use DisplayLink USB devices (USB monitor, docking station, or adapter) to connect the extra monitors.

Yes, Microsoft uses restrictions on the creation of sessions to force the installation of CALs. Therefore you must have a CAL installed for each SoftXpand workstation.

Yes, due to restrictions in Windows Server 2003, SoftXpand cannot implement audio for each workstation and the host cannot be shut down from a workstation.

SoftXpand Xpress combines the best from Virtual Machine and Terminal Server technologies. SoftXpand Xpress creates an independent virtual user session for each workstation without degrading performance. SoftXpand uses Terminal Server’s powerful technology to manage sessions and processes.

A thin client is a computer (client) in a client-server architecture network which depends primarily on the central server for processing activities. SoftXpand Xpress is much more flexible than a Terminal server - client deployment. With Terminal server users cannot work with legacy or heavy applications. SoftXpand Xpress enables users to work independently on their workstations, using any applications.

Additional information about SoftXpand Xpress may be found on the Product Page MiniFrame Knowledge Base. It is a comprehensive database of technical articles. Use the internal search engine to find information by keywords or look for it in one of the predefined categories.

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