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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 13:31

The CVBT (Center for Vocational Building Technology) is a non-profit organization, based in one of the poorest regions of North-Eastern Thailand. The CVBT has been researching, developing and disseminating technologies aimed at improving villagers livelihoods.

CVBT Interns in action

The CVBT receives interns each year who help to design tools and equipment for villagers, using CAD tools such as Inventor Professional. 

Says Geoffrey Wheeler, director of CVBT: 

"The CVBT had only one slow computer for the interns to use to design.  By upgrading to a new computer and SoftXpand 2011 we can now let 4 engineering interns use AutoDesk's powerful (and RAM and CPU hungry) Inventor Professional - at the same time with no noticeable affect on performance.  Your software is very useful for us."

Computer Specifications used for the design desk:

- Motherboard:  ASUS  P8H61-M LE
 CPU: Intel Core i5 2450 @ 3.10 GHz
- On-Board Graphics: Intel HD 2500Graphics
- Graphics Card:
 ATI Radeon HD6670
- Hard Drive for OS: 120GB SSD
- HDD 
for work files:  Western Digital
- RAM:

SoftXpand Multi-Seat in Action

Northeastern Thai Villagers Benefit from SoftXpand

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