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Monday, 27 August 2012 11:58

SoftXpand is at the top of the world - solving IT budget problems of schools in Katmandu, Nepal

Our reseller in Nepal, sent us the following summary:

In Kathmandu, G. Info Services Pvt. Ltd. a recently founded company is introducing a new multi seat solution which has support for 8+ users. A prototype of this solution was provided to Pragya Higher Secondary School, here in Kathmandu. The school was provided with two system supporting 16 users at the same time. The school previously had 10 or so Pentium class computer which as of now is replaced by the Multi-seat solution by G. Info Services Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks to SoftXpand multi-seat solution, 8 children can use 1 PC 

Rabi Shrestha, IT Director/Co-Founder said, “With this solution installed, the school saves money on hardware, maintenance fees and plenty more in electricity bills. With this solution any institutions that are looking to deploy computer in various field will be able to deploy twice as much computer for the same.”


The solution comes as a combination of hardware assembled here in Kathmandu and SoftXpand software which comes from miniframe company, Israel. The software creates multiple windows desktop environments and allocates the connected hardware peripherals to each desktop to allow multiple users to log on to independent virtual workstations using their regular windows/domain user names and passwords.


System configuration:


This is the system configuration deployed:

  • Motherboard: MSI 890FXA-GD70

  • Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 1050

  • RAM: 4 X 2GB DDR3

  • Video Card: MSI R5450

  • HDD: Samsung 500 GB, 7200RPM

  • PSU : 550W GoldKist SMPS

  • Casing : Mid Tower

  • Monitor: 18.5" LG Super LED

  • USB hub per each workstation.

8 monitors are directly connected for SoftXpand 

The power consumption was very low around 500 watts (complete system, including 8 LED monitors) at the highest as compared to 8 standalone computers with 1600 watts.

SoftXpand software-only solution doesn’t require any proprietary hardware and works with any standard, off-the-shelf devices. Multiple workstations, each consisting of monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to a standard PC. In most cases, the monitors are connected via video cards, while keyboards and mice are connected through USB hubs.


Mode of operation

SoftXpand automatically allocates the PC's and video cards resources in order to create multiple workstations. SoftXpand uses each device in its native mode, enabling the workstation to support all the device's features, e.g. – A supported video card installed on a SoftXpand Host PC will enable the virtual workstation to utilize all supported features of that card (DirectX, Open GL) providing the best possible graphic performance.

SoftXpand control center, showing 8 workstations 

Satya Narayan Manandhar, Principal said, “We are glad to have this system, before we had 10 computers now we have 8 multi-seat computer running from one which is quite extraordinary for us. We hope to deploy more similar system in coming months.”

If you have any questions in regards, feel free to drop by their office at 155 Samakhushi Marg, Kathmandu or give them a call for a quote at +97714390155. Their customer support are always there to help you.


About G. Info Services Pvt. Ltd

G Info Services Pvt. Ltd. is the brain child of Mr. Rabi Shrestha and Mr. Rabindra Manandhar with 10 years of combined experience formed this company to provide better support for the IT infrastructure of various sectors especially in Multi-seat field. Since the founding they have been providing support for over 200 clients. The company has more focus in education field as they are the largest consumer of IT infrastructure. The company provides services such as maintenance contract, sales contract, website publishing and maintaining.



SoftXpand at the top of the world!

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