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Sunday, 11 May 2014 00:00

Click to visit SoftXpand Games Portal

SoftXpand Games Portal enables any SoftXpand user to quickly gets the most important steps for running any game multiple times under SoftXpand

This portal addresses SoftXpand customers need regarding instructions on how to run specific game under SoftXpand.

Following is the information each game/application contains:

Game Logo

     Formal logo of the game
Game Name

     Name of the game in text 
YouTube Video
YouTube video of one of our customers that shows how to run the specific game/application under SoftXpand.
Registry update
Needs an update of SoftXpand supported games list from the link above or website before running the game. Registry update link 
Sandboxie Indicates that the game or application requires isolated environment for running in multiple users. must use on both monitors!
Full Screen Indicates that games can run in full screen.
Windowed Indicates that for running the game more than once it must run in Windowed mode.
SSD Indicates that it is recommended to use Solid State Drive for accelerates loading time.
Extra Options
Indicates that the game needs to be run in specific configuration or has special setup


Click to visit SoftXpand Games Portal

Click to visit SoftXpand Games Portal

SoftXpand Games Portal

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