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Thursday, 27 February 2014 12:42

I'd like to share my experience with a software called SoftXpand.

I have a TV or monitor in the kitchen, living room, theater room, workout area, kids play room,
office, bedroom  as well as a few in wall touch screen 
monitors. In the basement is my 24/7
server  which records my security cameras, runs 
Windows Media Center for PVR/ live
TV(over the air digital broadcast), Plex 
server, picture storage and backup, Minecraft server,
FTP, Home security 
control,  among other stuff.

I didn't want multiple PCs running throughout the house anymore

I don’t want to buy multiple extenders which only do a fraction of what I want them too.

I used an HDMI duplicator but then everyone is watching the same content.

A couple months ago I finally found the solution which is SoftXpand:

With this software I turned my main server into the ONE PC to control my entire home.

-Windows Media Center running independently on multiple TVs?- Not a problem.

-Surfing the web in the kitchen and playing a game in the office?- Not a problem.

-Running 3 different HD movies throughout the house?-Not a problem

(The above obviously depends on your PC specs)

At the moment I’m only using SoftXpand Duo Pro (4 workstations) but since this is working so well I plan on adding additional
video cards and upgrading to SoftXpand 2011 which will enable me to run 2-12
workstations from a single PC.

Here is my setup at the moment.

1-Living room TV- HMDI (Main floor)

2-Projector-DVI (Basement)

3- Office monitors - HDMI +VGA (Top floor)

4-Kitchen display-VGA (Main floor)

A couple things to keep in mind:

If you are using multiple outputs on a single video card you can NOT run Windows Media Center
in full screen mode. The solution is to use a 
program called “The Maxifier”

This will allow Media Center to run in what looks like full screen but is actually running windowed.

The next issue is your remote, the “green button” will force full screen mode if pressed while on the
main page of Media Center. The 
solution is to use “Advanced MCE Remote Mapper Tool” 
which allows you to remap your buttons.

Here is a Video of my setup in action.

Near the end of the video I show Plex Home Theater in action.
I had video issies but this was because I had forgot to configure my
audio settings correctly. You can skip about a 2 mins as I stumble to find the audio settings
even though they were right in front of me the whole time. I should have cut that part of the video out before uploading .

Also some of my close ups on task manager are not in focus so take a look at this picture for details.

Whole Home Media Solution With SoftXpand Duo Pro

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