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Thursday, 01 August 2013 00:00


We received the following story from Shane, who runs a gaming and entertainment center in Kingston, Jamaica:

I have tried many multi user solutions, UBUNTU Multiseat, Ncomputing and a few others and now, SOFTXPAND. When I first got softXpand I had high hopes but low expectations, in that I hoped it would work the way they advertised but never expected it to. I first tested a two user system and was blown away; I had two instances on FIFA 13 running simultaneously. Though there are some bugs with USB assignment for controller plugins on both systems two players on one login and a keyboard and mouse game like modern warfare on another was great.



Since all my computers were built for gaming I immediately started to create two user systems. This gave a boost of in house multiplayer games without buying more PCs but simply adding a monitor and a keyboard set. I have since upgraded to a four user system which allow users of my café to run demanding applications while other play games and browse the internet at the same time.


I often get asked the question of where is the CPU for this computer and I would say there it is, and the customer is just as surprised as I was. I have invested in a lot of products and services that promises to increase productivity while providing a cost effective solution and SOFTXPAND by far exceeds my expectations.


Programs: Adobe creative suite, Office 2007, Call of duty, Assassin Creed, Hitman, Need for Speed, Grandtheft Auto

System specs: Amd Phenom ii Quad 950, 6GB Ram, 2 x NVIDIA GTX9800 Cards, Corsair Power supply



SoftXpand as gaming and entertainment center in Kingston, Jamaica

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