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Sunday, 26 August 2012 11:03
We received the following story from Miguel, a SoftXpand home-user from Mexico:

"I´m a parent with 3 kids in scholar age and just one PC at home. 

Previously, sharing computer was an issue.

Since I installed Softxpand, doubles my computing time and problem solved.

Now, 2 kids use the internet simultaneously (I use Cyber Patrol software to keep them safe) and open the applications they need with no problem."


Pope John Paul II, overlooking Miguel's SoftXpand-ed computer


"My setup is as follows:

Intel I5 3.06 GHZ, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HD, DVD WR.

Extra Video Card is NVIDIA NG8400GSC (1GB RAM), connecting 2 x 19” LCD monitors."


Miguel's SoftXpand computer - a closer look

SoftXpand at home: the story of Miguel from Mexico

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