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SoftXpand Benefits

The Right Choice for the Right Reasons:
Gain Control, Reduce TCO and Support Green IT with SoftXpand

MiniFrame’s SoftXpand is a leading software-only virtualization solution that enables you to turn a single PC into multiple powerful workstations. It also enables you to choose smartly how to allocate your IT budget according to the ever-dynamic needs of your organization. Over 100,000 people are already reaping the multiple benefits of SoftXpand’s award-winning solution.

SoftXpand’s multiple advantages for your organization:

1. Reduces TCO Dramatically  

With fewer computers, you can significantly reduce your initial purchase costs, minimize maintenance time and expenses, and cut down on the electricity needed to power and cool your machines. With SoftXpand, you can save 60% on purchase costs, 80% on maintenance, and 75% on total energy consumption. Your total savings: 70% less in your Total Cost of Ownership.

2. Supports Your IT Environment and Decreases Maintenance Costs

Finding a way to maximize computational power is a goal many companies have set to achieve. SoftXpand enables you to maintain only one host computer in a single location to provide multiple workstations. Hardware and software installed on the PC are shared, and upgrading involves replacing only a single computer. In fact, SoftXpand helps reduce maintenance costs by 80%.

3. Offers a Simple Switch to Green IT

SoftXpand marks a new generation of Green IT. With fewer computers, you consume 75% less energy, cut down on C02 emissions by 80%, and reduce your e-waste by 80%. Furthermore, the manufacturing of multiple SoftXpand workstations requires a fraction of the amount of energy needed to produce the same amount of standard PCs. Join the fight for a better environment and reduce your carbon footprint with SoftXpand.

4. Award-winning Virtualization Technology Ensures Robust Performance

With its unique up-and-coming virtualization technology which enables resource sharing, SoftXpand maximizes the full power capacity of each PC you own. This innovative software-only solution is recognized by the media and leading industry authorities and was recently awarded several prestigious awards.

As with a standard PC, your desktop content is protected by folder access rights, private user IDs, and customized access details. Each workstation supports standard software applications, high screen resolution, multimedia sound, full-motion video, and heavy graphic applications – all in a highly reliable, high-speed processing environment which maintains a seamless user experience.

5. Enables Maximum Flexibility and Scalability

Clever IT is about staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, while maintaining flexibility. This is even more significant in the often inflexible nature of IT infrastructures. SoftXpand offers you the best desktop virtualization solution that meets your needs today – and can grow as you grow tomorrow.

6. Facilitates Better Work Environment

It is common knowledge that there is a direct link between a good working environment and productivity. MiniFrame’s “Doing more with less” philosophy translates to a better work environment at your business. With only one PC, SoftXpand provides multiple workstations which means added value for the worker when it comes to the physical work environment. No messy cables, no cumbersome hardware, this solution not only provides more free space at the desk or at the cube, it also means less heat is generates so clean air is maintained and less noise enables better quality of work.

All above calculations are based on comparison between 6 stand-alone PCs and 6-workstation SoftXpand cluster.

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