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MiniFrame is a leading player in the multiuser market. The company develops and markets its SoftXpand software technology that enables multiple users to share a single computer simply by connecting additional sets of monitors, keyboards and mice. SoftXpand products provide top-performance and cater both Home users and Business customers. 

Business Customers: SoftXpand products address different business environments including Retail Stores, Banks, Service Providers, Education, Point of Sale, CAD, 3D, Graphic Designers and Call Centers. 

Home Users: SoftXpand turns any home computer into up to 4 workstations and enable 2-4 users to share simultaneously a single computer. SoftXpand is ideal solution for gamers who like to play Co-Op and LAN games, kids who like to share a computer, and people who like to turn their TV’s into full commuters.

SoftXpand drastically reduces the amount of hardware and software required, resulting in significant reductions in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and is recognized by industry experts as the ultimate green IT solution. The SoftXpand software is used by over 100,000 users worldwide.

Consumer products (SoftXpand Duo Pro,SoftXpand Duo and SoftXpand Home) targeted home users and available for purchase online. Commercial products (SoftXpand 2011 and SoftXpand Xpress) are available for purchase online or through worldwide channel partners who distribute SoftXpand to organizations of all sizes from diverse industries and verticals.

Our growth strategy is through partners and alliances for both business customers and home users:

Business Customers: We established strategic relationships with leading companies and is seeking other partners to leverage SoftXpand technology to new markets and solutions. If you would like to explore possibilities of B2B cooperation, please fill in this form and we will get in touch with you.

Home Users: We have a growing network of affiliates who market and sell our home products (B2C). If you would start selling SoftXpand home products and make money, simply click here and follow the registration instructions, it takes minutes. 

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